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What is SEO and why it works for businesses


Search engine optimization (seo) is the method of optimizing your website in the way search engines could see it and like it. Search engine optimization is also the process of getting your websites to rank high in search engines so that you can get more traffic and more leads to your business. SEO improves your website quality by using pictures and great content.

In today’s world, if you have a website or online store, then seo is the most fundamentally and finically sound advice to run your businesses in a profit margin. Most search engine users choose to be on top five of the search engines in order to increase their click through rate and increase their leads.

Introduction to seo

SEO is nothing but a way to improve your website visibility by ranking higher on websites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If a person types a word or a topic in a search engine, the results which are displayed on the search engines are called search engine results. The results on which the search engines displays, purely depends on algorithms which search engines follow. These search engine algorithms are tough and consider many things relating a website, and finally decides which website should be first and which is next.

SEO is divided into two stages. On-page seo and off-page seo

On-page seo: On-page seo consists of rules to make websites optimized

Off-page seo: Off-page seo consists of rules to make your website visible to search engines and rank better

On-page seo:

The main elements in on-page optimization includes titles tags, header tags, body, internal linking

Title tags: The title tag is the primary element in on-page seo. It appears on every browser tab. And this is the thing that appears when a user types for a word and search engines displays the results.

Header tags: These are the heading tags which are used for headings, and the keyword should be placed between <h1>and </h1>


Body content of a seo optimized page must consist of a minimum of 400 words and above to avoid from the penalties of google algorithm

Internal Linking

Your website must contain all the pages inter linked. In order to pass the link juice to all the other web pages of your website, users must interlink all the posts

Off-page consists of backlinking, and social media

How to Gain More Leads from Email Marketing

Iconic Genius- Online Marketing-2Make your subscribe form visible

Create yourself a subscribe form and place it on a way that can be visible on every web page. There are both free as well as paid services in email marketing. If you can afford a little for email marketing, then you can go with Aweber.

Creating an interesting sign up form

Create an interesting sign up form and create a call to action in into the signup form

Leverage Social Media Power

Social Media is the very powerful tool to get traffic to your email. Use social media networking sites like facebook to increase your subscribers

Be sure to keep in touch with visitors

When someone wants to subscribe to your website and wants to give their email to send your updates, then you must be prompt and keep in touch with them in all ways you can do it. Many companies although they had an email list, they are refusing to keep in touch with the customers regularly.  Do not send every mail on a regular basis, but you have to stay connected with them by many ways such as sending regular newsletters or sending regular blog posts, using triggered emails. You can keep your emails updated by sending regular newsletters. You can keep your content fresh in your emails and send them as weekly blog post summaries, bi weekly newsletters and many other ways too. Test which type of content your visitor likes, and at what time of the day they would like to receive.

Create Email automation campaign

To create email automation campaign use email software and set up the software to send a series of 3 to 6 emails and design the pattern of each email to target your goal. By sending well structured emails by the way the visitor loves, you can have more chance of converting them quickly into sales.

Send Triggered emails

Use triggered emails to send a bulk of messages. This method works for shopping cart drop offs.

Ask a question

Asking a visitor about what he wants and decide if he/she interests to continue to your website. Understand what might of information he is looking for and navigate him through the relevant information. If you go through more questions you can get him to the relevant information he wants. Place this question on one of the landing pages as heading to gather more information from them and finally ask them the details of their email.

3 Steps to Enhancing Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is free, well it free to set up an account and post content and it’s also essential in today’s business marketplace. As you well know now, it takes more than just having a Facebook Business Page, a Twitter handle or an Instagram.

Did you know that social media is the #1 activity among Americans every day, beating out time spent on email and Google?

But before jumping into paid social media ads it is vital to build out your social networks with rockstar content, excellent customer service, and attention-grabbing visuals. Once you optimize your social networks for success, you will not only increase loyal brand advocates, but you will begin netting leads and converting guests into regulars.
Iconic Genius- Online Marketing-3

Go the extra mile in customer service

If a user tweets at you or posts on your business Facebook page and said user never receives a response, trust is instantly lost. Due to your absences of communication, the displeased potential lead is now turning to your rivals to seek answers. Then again, when you convey a thoughtful response in a timely fashion that user is flattered and fascinated by your business. It’s humanizing to take the time respond, and it adds to your authority.

Optimize Current, Popular and Trending Subjects

A lot of us have already felt the burn out feeling of generating new topics. Instead of exhausting yourself, try using what already works. One good example is to tie your content to a current topic. Something that already has people talking.

Pro Tip: You should only use a trending topic that’s linked to your industry or niche.

Pay to Play

In a picture-perfect world, organic seo efforts would be sufficient for all your digital marketing needs. And best of all, it’s cost you nothing. But the world isn’t perfect. Once in a while you have to pay for a boost in traffic.

When you pay for ad placements, you increase your outreach outside of your present community of fans and contacts in a quick and effective way. While organic approaches are great, it doesn’t hurt to shell out a few bucks for ad placement on social media platforms.

These are just a few tactics in the hundreds that exist. We would love to show you more. Send us a message if you want to learn more now.

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3 ways to boost your email marketing conversion

Iconic-Genius- Online Marketing-Let’s be honest. The only reason business owners consider email marketing; is to get people to buy their stuff.

Instead of emailing someone to prompt users on how you would like to sell them something, use the chance to provide targeted, high content education.

What’s the greatest way to be sure you’re delivering something that’s important, though?

After you gain a prospect’s email, assign that prospect to a simple workflow built on their interests. This is problematic at first if you’re simply preserving one catch-all email list. As an alternative of just one list, build a series of categories based on precise interests.

Research proves that email marketing still works, but many companies are failing to convert leads in their email sales funnel. These leads have already voiced an interest in your company, so it’s not hard to reach them.

Folks are busy.  They’re not going to see all of your social media post, and definitely won’t remember to check your website frequently.  But they did subscribe to your newsletter because they WANT to hear what you have to say.  They believe that your company can help them answer a problem or get improved results.  They just want to hear from you in the correct way.

Here’s 3 ways to boost conversion, dive deeper and rise to the top of your prospect’s inbox.

Personalized email for the prospect

Identify what encouraged the prospect to join your email list in the first place and take advantage of that information.

Sending emails at the right date and time

Pledge to sending emails only within those times that produce the most opens, click-through, and conversions.

Giving an epic CTA

Give them the correct step in the conversion funnel, something more than just a simple “call us now”.

Rather than seeing your email marketing as another marketing item on your check list, remember that it is something bigger. It as a way to unite with your potential consumers.  If you approach your email marketing as a way to show consumers how you appreciate them and their specific challenges you will without doubt connect with them. But if you also offer helpful instructions, resources and goods to overcome them, then you’ll see your engagement and receptiveness surge.  And you’ll find writing your systematic newsletters gets easier when you see it as a crucial way to engage your consumers, rather than merely promote your products.

Instagram Lead Generation Tips

Instagram is not just for pictures of coffee, fuzzy dogs, and your lunch.

Though it is remarkable to have all of those, it has the highest consumer/brand interaction rate, 1.53% of the 150 million Instagram users in 2013 to be exact, considerably higher than Facebook’s meager 0.10%, as publicized by Neil Patel’s infographic.

I think it is innocent to say that if your company is not leveraging the world quickest growing social media network for lead generation, then you are leaving money for the taking.


When a prospect lands on your Instagram page they MUST instantly be able to tell:

  • This is your business
  • What they stand to achieve by looking at your page

We can accomplish this through consistent creative branding, a value driven description and a convincing call to action.


Your Instagram name, photo and feel of content must communicate directly to your ideal prospect, undoubtedly, your company name and photo have probably already been well-defined.


Your prospect does not care about you and your company, they care about themselves and the results you help them accomplish and/or problems you can help them decipher.

And that is precisely what we are going to do.

The bulk of companies social media profile descriptions normally follow this formula:

“Hello, we are A, and we do B and C.”


What types of pictures/videos does your buyer want to consume?

Do they have ambitions related to business, fitness, currency or nature?

This is what you need to be posting and talking, at least daily. Though nevertheless of your posting schedule, stability is essential, as your consumers will start to anticipate your content in a definite schedule, you do not want to upset.


When out on the town with folks that have Instagram, we would extremely encourage to take pictures and share while citing the person that you are with.

The more you do this, the more society will reciprocate and engage with you, leading to more publicity.


Giving away cool stuff on social media or in marketing is nothing new.

Lastly, we see a lot of businesses talk about what filters to use. Here are the top 5 most popular, reported by Populargram:

  • Earlybird
  • X-Pro II
  • Amaro
  • Rise
  • Hudson

And this folks is what you call a great start to gathering leads from Instagram.

The next time you go to reach for your smartphone to snap your burger and latte, remember that your prospect is out there searching for your business, it’s now up to you how and if they find you.

Digital Marketing Strategies Your Company Should Be Using


  • Host a webinar or webcast

It doesn’t matter what your industry is, I can guarantee there’s a topic you have enough knowledge on that your customers would come to listen to. The trick is to recognize what would be an engaging topic and then to produce a fun and engaging presentation.

  • Produce a podcast

Podcasts is a great digital marketing strategy to showcase your expertise and are a dependable way of driving traffic to your site. The goal is to be consistent and promote it.

The key is to stay determined and promote your podcast on social media, your listeners will grow and your future episodes will gain more and more exposure.

An additional way to boost traffic in your podcast is to invite a guest that have a big social following and asking them to help you promote it.

  • Look For partners in your industry

There are typically dozens of partnership opportunities for any company out there. The idea is to find those partners and create a working relationship.

3 Things you should know about Digital Marketing

marketing-services-Iconic-Geniusbar-PackageKnow Your Rivals;

Knowing who you are up against is the best way to stay ahead of your opposition. Knowing what your competitors offer, how they promote and how their products are worse or better than yours can assist you in making your business stand out. You can take your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths to improve your business model for the better. When evaluating how your competitors do business, be sure to pay attention to the following:

The procedures they use to market their product or services

The actions they take to enrich customer loyalty

The digital marketing tools they employ for their business

Know Your Brand;

Branding is one of the most key aspect of every business. It is how you communicate with your customer and what your company represents. Branding is a good way to give your business a personality and voice. It is your promise to your customers, and it can be tough for your target audience to connect and participate with your business without it. Having an active and efficient branding strategy is what differentiates your company from your rivals. Here are a few points to ponder when defining your industry:

What is your mission statement?

What benefits and features do you want your products or services to offer your consumers?

What talents do you want your customers to associate with your business?

Know how to bring the Ultimate User Experience;

Picture this: Your website has a sort of artificial intelligence and adapts beautifully to every device from smartphone, Tablet, laptop, and desktop. Every company wants to be in touch with the heartbeat of the digital world and responsive design makes this possible.

Digital marketing is progressing and the changes that are happening with digital marketing are being applied at light speed.  If establishments take weeks to get the ball rolling they just might find what they wanted to do a few months ago is outdated requiring them to start all over again. Do be that company, let us help you first.

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The top 12 ways to increase web traffic

marketing-icon-Iconic GeniusWhat habitually comes after customers on a business’ wish list? More traffic to the website to get more customers of course!

There are many ways you can boost web traffic, and in today’s blog, we’re going to look at some of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.


1)      Make Sure Your Site is Swift

2)      Don’t Disregard Email Marketing

3)      Be Sure Your Website is Responsive

4)      Implement Schema Microdata

5)      Interview Other Industry Leaders

6)      Create Mouthwatering Headlines

7)      Stay On Top Of On-Page SEO

8)      Begin Guest Blogging

9)      Go Get Referral Traffic

10)   Aim For Long-Tail Keywords

11)   Post Good Content to LinkedIn

12)   Study the Competition

It’s easy to think boosting web traffic is impossible, or that it is easy, or that Google will simply figure out our websites. Nothing is further from the truth. The fact is, we have a lot of work to do.

5 digital marketing mistakes businesses make

We all marketing-strategy-GeniusIconicnitpick about social media and digital marketing because it takes so much time, and if you are doing it wrong, you are wasting all your time. Digital is the way the world works now and we have to adapt.

Adapting can be hard; there are many questions that linger. Will it be effective? Does it work? Here are 5 mistakes to stay away from when running a digital marketing campaign!

MISTAKE 1: Overdo it but not maintain- What do we mean? What we mean is don’t sign up for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. if you’re not going to have the time to dedicate to developing and networking on all the different platforms.

MISTAKE 2: Big Content vs. Valued Content- This can be a tough concept to grasp but often ‘less’ is ‘more’. Look for creating content that brings the message with the least amount of clutter but with a lot of power.

MISTAKE 3: Forgetting your call to action. Have your audience sign up for your newsletter, check out a free eBook or some other free promotion!

MISTAKE 4: Forget to create a lead magnet. Supply buyers with an offering or service that will get them in the door.

MISTAKE 5: Missing the opportunity to gather new information. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, constructing your list is always a factor that’s running in the back of your mind. Make it simple for people to click a button for an offering or invite to interact.  Get their email and whatever other contact information you need and watch your list grow.

With all the roads to reach our audience, it’s key to keep all the little nuances and specifics for each platform and how it is used in mind. If you need help or have questions, let us know now.

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7 ways to becoming a social media influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is almost like becoming a unicorn. The mission extend beyond the content. Learn as much from watching what influencers do, as what they say. Social media is a starving beast. To be an icon on social media it requires constant feeding. The people need to be fed a diet of content that keeps readers and audiences coming back for more.Digital-Marketing-consulting-nc-Iconic-Genius

This is one of the main challenges if you want to do social at scale and to help you with these challenges, here are 7 ways to becoming a social media influencer.

1. Say what matters: In social media, people say what they mean. Be as brave in your leadership as you are in your tweeting. Show up a little messy. Real attracts more than conformance. Attract followers by showing up real.

2. Build your own tribe: Social media leaders know they don’t need a title to be a leader. Some don’t even use their real name. In your daily leadership, lead from your passion. Start something you care about and see who shows up.  Lead from where you are.

3. Take risks. Try new styles, new ways of leading. Meet new people. Twitter users move from tweets to phone calls to friendships. Try new ways of connecting in your leadership. Try new approaches.

4. Rankings don’t define you or your work: In business we often get hung up in our place in the organization structure or our position on the performance potential grid. The blogging crowd knows that even the most reputable lists are often subjective, and based on a variety of factors. Care less about lists and more about influence. Work toward influence not rankings.

5. Less is more: More words don’t mean better thinking. Streamline communication. Find the main idea. Take out extra words. Communicate in a way your followers can hear. Create “tweetable” leadership memories. Communicate to influence.

6. Engage conversation: Ask questions. Invite divergent views. Join conversations.  Insert yourself into conversations that matter.

7. Attract creativity: Be interesting. Be different.  Don’t fit in. Don’t just do your leadership equivalent of a “retweet.”  Make a ruckus.

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