Our vision is that every project we undertake will meet a need, reach its objective, or serve an intended purpose. Through comprehensive strategic communications planning, we ensure that vision by providing our clients with a clear identification of their target audience and a detailed plan on the communications objectives that will best allow the achievement of their goals. In this way, client and consultant have mutual expectations for outcomes and success prior to a single product being launched. The process includes all three aspects of our business model and is implemented in ways specific to the tasks at hand. TMN employs proven methods of collecting and interpreting information about the target audience, topic at hand, and vehicles available for appropriate communication. Both opportunities and potential obstacles are clearly understood and considered when preparing recommendations. In this way, message, media, and dissemination factors are honed and tested before product preparation begins.

It’s important that the potential success of a communications plan is clearly understood before a client invests in media production. That’s why TMN is trusted as a proven resource for planning a strategic communications initiative. Our communications planning services include multivariate audience-segmentation development, assessment of existing campaign materials with the identified audience segments, exploratory focus group planning and development, detailed audience profile development, communication planning, creative concepts reviews, creative materials testing, and recommendations reporting.

At the end of the process, the client is left confident in our mutual understanding of the issues and audiences and secure with the resulting message and materials.

Nhora BarreraStrategic Communications Planning