Research & Evaluation

As strong advocates of research-based communications, we know that understanding our client’s audience is critical in formulating successful campaigns and products. That’s why TMN is dedicated to retaining experienced researchers, applying proven models for information gathering and providing state of the art facilities to ensure accuracy and relevance in data compilation and interpretation.

The most effective evaluators will possess experience in group management, social dexterity, and pre-existing knowledge of the target audience in order to develop methods of data collection that are most reliable. TMN invests heavily in experienced research professionals with particular exposure in the target audiences that matter most to our clients. By applying both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the information we collect is critically relevant to our clients’ success in consistently reaching their audience. Statistical analyses, environmental scans, literature reviews, key informant interviews, exploratory focus groups, concept testing, materials pre-testing, and survey research all come together to define concrete audience characteristics and recommendations.

There can be little doubt that providing the proper environment for focus group testing influences outcome and facilitates proper record-keeping. Our on-site facility includes a client viewing room, state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, wall props for poster displays, wireless Internet access, separate client and participant entrances and waiting areas, and bilingual moderators. Paired with nationwide resources and an extensive recruitment database for hard-to-reach audiences, we can ensure a broader and more accurate cross-sampling of information is obtained.

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