Translating messages into other languages is not just a matter of finding word-for-word equivalents. Diversity preferences, idiom usages, dissemination differences, and language barriers all must be overcome in order for communications to thrive cross-culturally. That’s why our clients trust us to adapt and translate their message efficiently and effectively to diverse target audiences.

The TMN business model is key in effective implementation of translation processes. A diverse group of expert communicators, the TMN team develops a comprehensive understanding of our client’s target audience. By assessing the likes, dislikes, needs, motivational triggers, exposures and lifestyles of the intended audience, the team arms itself with the tools for stronger message development on terms the target can better relate to. Communications then turn to TMNs linguistic experts for a meticulous quality control and review process. At this stage, consistency and accuracy on every level is checked: proper translation of language, terminology, style, reading level, association, and cultural references. Finally, the team’s dissemination experts review the most appropriate delivery methods available to that audience to ensure that the message will reach its intended recipients.

TMN has invested heavily in its team of experienced and innovative trans-cultural communications experts. Our translators and editors are bilingual/bicultural native speakers who possess special knowledge of specific language and cultural characteristics. We write in universally accepted languages such as Spanish, Chinese, and Cantonese (among others), avoiding words, associations and expressions that can only be appropriately understood by a partial sector of an intended target audience. We’ve also built relationships with a pool of specialty proofreaders (e.g., legal, banking, medical, and research) to ensure that communications are crafted effectively within industry-specific standards as well.

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