About TMN

Passionate about developing social marketing programs with ambitious goals, TMN’s mission is to impact health and wellness, public safety, and environmental issues through globally diverse communications and social awareness.

A wide variety of service areas and cultural expertise provides TMN with unmatched insight in achieving client objectives. This preparedness comes from years of exposure to, and success with, the audiences we know so well. Through a unique blend of cultures, professional experiences, and understanding of media, we rise above social and cultural boundaries to create messages that resonate with each target audience. From more than half a dozen countries, the TMN team is built from experts in public health, research, public relations, journalism, digital media, graphic design, advertising, and publications development. With regional, national, and international ingenuity, we have the resources to build teams that best fit each project, ensuring the successful returns our clients have come to expect.

TMN Business Model:

UNDERSTAND …through research. How people understand their world is influenced by cultural heritage, family dynamics, religious beliefs, personal aspirations, experiences, exposures, and social environment. A behavior can’t be modified unless those crafting the message understand the issues involved from the audience’s perspective. At TMN, we gain this understanding through a combination of experienced insight and audience research.

ADAPT …to the audience. Once we understand the issue from the audience’s perspective, we craft a message in a way that breaks through the barriers—whether real or perceived—so that it resonates with the audience. Testing methods ensure successful adaptations are achieved before implementation begins.

CONNECT …with the right media and outreach. Matching the message with the most appropriate delivery methods is key in ensuring it reaches the intended target. By utilizing visually appealing and relevant formats best suited for the recipients, we connect with them where they live, work, and play.

We are unique:

TMN is an award-winning minority- and woman-owned, full-service communications company that combines a broad range of media, research, and strategic management expertise not ordinarily found in a single firm.  Personal and professional diversity is our strength, though we are united in our desire to make a difference.


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