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10 tips that prove you are doing video marketing right

If you are a marketing professional or business owner you should want to figure out how to craft better marketing videos that capture new leads and visitors attention. A good video also grows conversion rates, the truth is though, that just getting your marketing videos out there is a very important step that puts your brand ahead of your opponents.

Contrary to what you may believe, you do not have to worry about getting everything right to start using videos for digital marketing purposes. What your brand should aim for is a well thought out video marketing campaign, which have been edited to look at least semi-professional and are easy to follow and understand. Plus get far better marketing results than those that aren’t.

Below we give you a few digital marketing tips that will help you to understand how to generate better marketing videos:

Strategies Your Marketing Video

What do you want to be the end result of the marketing video that you want to craft, and who is your target audience? If you understand what type of branding message you want to send going in, it will be a lot less stressful to stay on task and develop an effective call to action.

Compose a Detailed Outline

You don’t need to write down everything verbatim about what you plan to say, but if you have a detailed outline you can check off certain topics as you remember to speak about them, it also makes sure you get in the marketing points you set out to make.

Get a GOOD Camera

A decent camera will allow you to do a lot of crafty things, and believe it or not, the camera on most of these new smartphones are sufficient… as is your webcam on your CPU if that’s all you have. But when you can pay for it, get a good camera to help you make better marketing videos.

Basic CMYK

Get an additional Recorder

How you record sound is very important. The recorder on your camera probably isn’t going to be good enough to record your voice or other sounds as clearly as you would hope. Invest in a good microphone. Be mindful to check the levels on your recording settings often.

Always Be Aware of Your Lighting

Maybe on of the most important aspects of crafting better marketing videos (other than sound) is the lighting. You don’t have to spend hundreds but trying different brightness and softness levels and angles of lighting is going to be key in finding what works best for you.

Find Help

If you want your branding videos to have other things besides your desk top and a talking head speaking right into the camera, it would be a good idea to have a cameraman who can hold the camera firm.

Take Tons of Shots

Always remember to get numerous different shots from many different angles (don’t forget this), because when you edit your marketing videos down, it helps to make it look a lot better. Even if the camera is only on your cellphone, you can still edit it and make it look extremely professional.

Be Original and create creative content

Add in remarks, special effects, and high quality clickable links to important facts or downloads within your videos, or even link to other related marketing videos. Practice using sound effects and other movie type effects to make your brand videos more innovative and sharable.

Edit as many times as you need

You can use numerous bits of video software to edit your branding videos to make them look better. Try such software as Camtasia Studio, VideoPad, or Movie Maker. Edited videos always look more professional, are shared more often, and get greater click through results.

Post Videos Regularly

As with all digital marketing content, videos that are posted frequently on your website, YouTube channel and other digital platforms get the best kind of results. Try to post your marketing video once a week for four months and just look at the better results, you will probably be amazed.

Nhora Barrera10 tips that prove you are doing video marketing right

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